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Renee Phillips
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My mother was an expert seamstress and often did alterations on costly garments. She once told me that I would learn more about sewing by taking a well made garment apart than I would from any pattern. How true I discovered this statement was! Recently I was looking over a pattern that a friend gave me. She wants me to help her sew aprons for Christmas gifts. After studying the sewing instructions a bit I came to a familiar conclusion; if I purchased a finely crafted apron it would not be put together this way. Who writes these instructions anyway?!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

custom designed baby quilt

Custom creations are my first love of sewing, especially when I am given general directions, colors, fabric swatches, etc and you allow me to design and make a unique creation just for you. In this case I was given some left over curtain fabric, photos of bumper pad and dust ruffle as well as photos of the painted nursery. This is what I came up with. Prices would range depending on the labor required $50-$100. It was fun for me to see a photo of the finished quilt in the nursery since I was mostly working off photos.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


When I first saw a "taggie" I fell in love with not only the wonderful idea but also the whimsical look and endless possibilities. Here is my first creation out of this unusual piece of fabric. Super soft and plush, this natural colored fleece has an amazing reverse side of butter smooth baby pink suede. It is bordered by fun ribbons in varied lengths which I think adds a bit of whimsy. A perfect baby gift and absolute necessity for every little one. It's size is aprox 12 &1/2 inches square, not including the ribbons. $15-20

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I love doing alterations!

This classically styled black dress has beautiful lines but was quite a bit too long and was originally strapless. In order to give this dress a more modest appearance, simple straps were added from the cut off length. Small strap guides were added on the underside of the black satin straps to keep bra straps where they belong!

The lavender dress originally had only spaghetti straps. It looks wonderful with this attatched shawl in a matching shimmery organdy. It was also shortened a bit and a strip of this satin banded the shawl by the neckline. It really complimented the dresses style and changed it up abit giving the dress a "new life" enabling it to be worn again.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The "Bella" baby blanket

This blanket is made with comfort and durabilty in mind. you can wash and wash and it just gets softer and more wonderful. Flannel and soft fabrics make up the pieced front as well as the back. It is tied with chenille yarn--again softness. This particular blanket has fabric yo-yos hand appliqued on the front in a random flowing pattern. In this case these yo-yos are made of coordinating fabric from the baby's room and the flannel was picked to compliment the color scheme. baby blanket $43--with yo-yos $53

Monday, February 16, 2009

The "Kathryn" Diaper Bag

The newest creation from my sewing studio is The Kathryn Diaper Bag. This was a custom bag created as a surprise gift from her sister. We went shopping together and chose fabrics and trim. We discussed the pattern and features and most of the embelishing and then I created the rest. It was so enjoyable shopping together. I guess that is why I love doing custom projects! $80