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Renee Phillips
Welcome to my "sewing site". Sewing things to make you smile! Call for a consultation-309-868-8650 or email me at: you can dream it up, I'll do my best to sew it up. ~CLICK ON MY PICTURE AND YOU WILL LINK DIRECTLY TO MY ETSY STORE TO SEE WHAT I HAVE FOR SALE~(My Etsy store is currently empty...give me a call for a CUSTOM creation)

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My mother was an expert seamstress and often did alterations on costly garments. She once told me that I would learn more about sewing by taking a well made garment apart than I would from any pattern. How true I discovered this statement was! Recently I was looking over a pattern that a friend gave me. She wants me to help her sew aprons for Christmas gifts. After studying the sewing instructions a bit I came to a familiar conclusion; if I purchased a finely crafted apron it would not be put together this way. Who writes these instructions anyway?!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"before and after" pics of bridesmaids dresses--

Discouraged bridesmaids in what turned out to be a much more frumpy dress than was pictured online when they bought them as well as non returnable. So...
I almost totally redesigned the bodice using the original dress as materials...

as well as shortening it to a much more youthful length. The finished dress ended up having 2 satin and lace roses with pearl embellishments at the waist instead of just the one that is pictured.
The happy gals and much more youthful looking dresses!

Suess-esque tree

Friday, November 25, 2011

New Burlap coffee sack bags for sale at Junction Gallery Peoria IL